Attention High Achieving Women ... 
Free Meditation and Webclass  

How to Smash Your Glass Ceiling and 
Reach New Heights of Success ... 

How to Smash Your Glass Ceiling and 
Reach New Heights of Success 
Without Having to Smash Your Head 
Against the Wall Wondering What’s “Wrong” With You

  • Free Clearing / Protection so that it starts to come alive and magnetizes your perfect clients
  • ​​How to create organic posts that attract 100's if not 1,000's of people reaching out to you
  • Ready for more clients? Leave this Workshop with Potential Clients 

Who Is this Meditation and Webclass For?

This is for the Awakening High Achieving Woman - 
Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a Business Owner or a Real Estate Investor 

You've had success; that's not the problem.  The problem is you're ready to hit that next level except, you don't know what's keeping you from doing that. This Workshop will equip you with an understanding of how to create clarity and simplicity inside of your business. This allows you to create a business that is in alignment and in flow with how you want to live your life. You control your business, your business shouldn't control you.

You know you’re capable of so much more - and just when you think you've got to the next level, you end up sabotaging the success you've already had. Instead of feeling constantly stressed and not
sure exactly what to do next week or even next month to grow your business at the rate and rhythm you want. This Workshop helps you understand how to build a strategy for consistent growth that actually works...

Feel Like You Are Throwing Spaghetti At The Wall And Hoping Something Works! The truth is, many high achievers can feel like they're running on a hamster wheel, which tends to make them feel like they are at a dead end. After coming to this Workshop, you're going to feel motivated and likely that there is a sense of fresh air in your business as you'll see a new path away from the hamster wheel toward a clear vision.

 Always busy, however, it doesn't seem to be actually getting new and bigger results. This Workshop will show you how to Build Wealth For Yourself And Your Family Without Sacrificing Them (Or, More Importantly - You).

Desires to jump-start their growth and understanding: You realize as a smart woman that you don’t have to figure it all out yourself and that those who have done it before might know a couple of things that you don't

Ready To Smash Your Glass Ceiling and Reach New Heights of Success?

Hi, My Name Is Tracy

I’ve been helping awakening high achieving women release their mental barriers that keep them stuck and frustrated for over 15 years.

My methods are unique, and I take a no-nonsense approach to transformation, which is why visionary leaders seek me out. If you're looking for a "Yes" girl, I'm not it. I've been nicknamed the Renegade Mentor for a reason, I'll tell it like it is - and that's why my clients see results.

I was recently featured on News 12+ Hip New Jersey and Balance Your Life with the Wellness Gala also on News 12+.


"I've been working with Tracy a bit more than two months. I've got to say, she is a very talented and wise teacher. Interestingly, I am a clinically trained psychotherapist - with strong beliefs in science-based, best practice, empirically researched techniques. I was concerned but open to workout with a metaphysician.

Tracy and I have been working on energies, frequencies and resolving really old tapes. She guided me through a very powerful task with the objective of releasing stagnant and toxic emotions that were lowering my vibration and not allowing me to reach my potential. It sounds crazy, but I am different today. Evolving. Improving. Growing. I owe a debt of gratitude to Tracy, obviously to the universe, and most importantly to myself for being brave enough to battle the monsters."

“I have been working with Tracy for almost 3 years… Been seeing a difference each and every day. Doing the work!!! Today was a big one…
We dived into inner childhood emotion today. Wow… Is all I can say... Felt like I was driving a freight train all week. After talking with her, feeling like me again.

Be you… Do you… Don’t worry what others think!!!
Thank you!!!”

Here's What You Get 
Inside the Authentic Audience Builder…

This Is For The High Achieving Woman Who ...

  • Have had success already- You’ve had success, that’s not the problem. The problem is you’re ready to hit that next level except, you don’t know what’s keeping you from doing that.
  • You’re tired of the ups and downs, the hoping and hunting, the feast or famines. You want to Unlock Your Blocks And Uncover Your Soul’s Treasures. 
  • ​You truly know you are meant for more. You want to build wealth for yourself and your family without sacrificing them (or, more importantly - YOU)
  • You know you’re capable of so much more - and just when you think you've got to the next level, you end up sabotaging the success you've already had… 
  • You feel like you have to settle for where you are financially because, secretly, you may be afraid to reach your full potential.
  • On the outside - everyone else thinks you’re doing amazing and “should be happy”; however, on the inside, you're screaming inside knowing that there's more - and you're probably making yourself wrong for not just being "content" where you are …

If You Said Yes To Even One Of These...
This Meditation And Webclass Is For You

The training and tools you receive in this webclass will allow you to smash your glass ceiling and reach new heights of success. You'll learn how to build wealth for yourself and your family without sacrificing them 

(Or, More Importantly - You).

Plus we have some cool bonuses for you that you're going to love

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